NAWBO SF Bay Area Organization of Women Business Owners

Thursday, May 14th - 5:30PM / 8:30PM
Sir Francis Drake Hotel - 450 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA

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With sponsorship for the Young Enterprising Women program, you will have an opportunity to support a program that will have a measured impact on the lives of young women in the Bay Area.

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NAWBO Vision

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"Get a seat at the table or build your own table, and make sure to include other women at that table." — NAWBO Founding President Susan Hagar

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path at times. You face unique highs and lows and challenges and opportunities that others do not understand unless they have gone down that path before you or are going down it alongside you. It's a special connection—a community—of leaders, visionaries, innovators and trailblazers that, when tapped into, can power your business, lifestyle and community in a way like no other.

NAWBO was founded 40 years ago (yes, 2015 is a milestone anniversary for us!) to remove obstacles and create opportunities for other women entrepreneurs across the country. In the decades that followed, it’s become much more than that: It's a powerful community for networking and support, education, tools and resources, advocacy, mentoring, exclusive benefits and more!

Our chapter is committed to recruiting 40 new members in honor of NAWBO's 40th anniversary during our Spring Membership Drive, which runs from March 1-April 30, 2015—because we know as women entrepreneurs, we are better together.

Won't you join us…and tell a friend (or two or three) about NAWBO?

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