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Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 5:30PM / 8:30PM
Sir Francis Drake Hotel - 450 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA

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The Trail Less Traveled…Leadership Lessons from the Herd











What do powerful leadership, effective business practices and horses have in common?

They all require clear communication, teamwork and confidence.   Observing horses allows us to see how effortlessly they protect the herd, maintain boundaries and establish roles that benefit the group.

Exactly the types of leadership skills every entrepreneur strives to cultivate.

Except sometimes, being a leader feels anything BUT effortless.  We look at what’s being modeled in the world by our fellow humans and we think that we need to come down hard, take charge, be the “tough one”.  In doing so, we risk losing our authenticity as well as our deep connection to our instinctual and intuitive guidance systems. 

The beauty of working with horses is that they can teach us a better way.

Strength lies in the gentle hand

Come join Alyssa Aubrey, director of Medicine Horse Ranch in Tomales, CA, as she shares her wisdom and deep understanding of horses.  Learn how you can discover and transform your own personal power and leadership skills by honoring the qualities that come naturally to you as a women rather than how you may think you're “supposed to” behave.

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